The Medicines Management Partnership has been formed by professionals experienced in both medicines management and the strategic and local implementation of medicines management strategy. As we move towards medicines optimisation, the focus is more than just costs. It's focus is the use of medicines by patients (adherence) and the role that evidence-based prescribing has in supporting new care pathways and treatment models to improve patient outcomes.

The MMP can help provide strategic and practical support in areas such as:

  • Formulary development and review - including website development
  • Local decision making processes at both individual funding request and population level
  • Prescribing workplans - to help management of budgets and appropriate investments
  • Implementation tools to support and accelerate uptake of advice
  • Educational support plans and targeted tools to help build engagement and participation with practices
  • Controlled drug support for Accountable Officers

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Working in partnership to
develop & deliver effective
medicines management solutions

Medicines Management Partnership mark@themmp.co.uk